Amit Shah sits on indefinite dharna in support of Rahul Gandhi to retain him as Congress President

Amit Shah on Dharna

Amit Shah sitting on dharna to request Congress to retain him as Congress President

After the debacle of Congress in recent Lok Sabha and previous Assembly elections, the present Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, wants to step down but in an unprecedented turns of events the Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, is supporting Rahul Gandhi to retain him as President of Congress party.

“Yes! you have heard it right and our Home Minister already at Jantar Mantar to sit on indefinite dharna to request Rahul Gandhi to withdraw his resignation from President of Congress”, Sambit Patra, who is already spreading the mats at Jantar Mantar, said to StupidNews.

Earlier, BJP rejected Rahul Gandhi’s request of joining BJP because Shah fears that BJP might slip down to 44 seats if he joins BJP.

“This is pure politics by BJP and this is not good for democratic country like India. Earlier, they also supported my candidature from Bhopal seat so that they can easily won it and that worked for BJP”, Digvijay Singh sadly expressed his views.

Amit Shah already did his arithmetic calculation and he analysed if Rahul Gandhi retains as Congress President then there are 100% chances that Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister again in 2024, sources close to Shah reveals to StupidNews.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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