600 Bollywood liberal artists appeal to IPL chairman to promote RCB in the playoffs


Bollywood liberals posing for Media after meeting to IPL Chairman

After the successful campaign against Narendra Modi and appeal to voters not to vote for BJP, same group of Bollywood liberals have appealed to IPL chairman to promote RCB in the playoffs even though RCB is not playing well.

When asked why they are supporting RCB despite their poor performance, “If we can support opposition parties despite their poor performance in last 5 years so why we can’t support RCB”, Naseeruddin Shah replied violently to our question.

“We are liberals and that’s the reason we need to support all those parties/teams which are against arrogant MS Dhoni. Dhoni is very stubborn and much like PM Modi and we need decent team like Congress RCB to win the IPL 2019.”, Anurag Kashyap supported the decision of Bollywood liberals.

But Anushka Sharma has denied that she has asked for any help from Bollywood liberals. Similarly, Congress party also denied any link with Bollywood walas to appeal not to vote for BJP.

“In 2014 also, we had appealed to IPL chairman to promote RCB directly in play-offs but they didn’t listen to us and ignored our appeal like they have been ignoring my movies. I hope this time they will listen to us “, Sawara Bhaskar exclaimed optimistically about her appeal.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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