A Man takes loan from J&K bank to pay his Auto Rickshaw fare for his journey of 2 km from Pacca Danga to Parade


Auto Rickshaw in Pacca Danga City

The City of Temple, Jammu, is again making headlines but this time for unusual reason where a man took loan from J&K bank to pay his Auto fare for the journey of 2 km that is from Pacca Danga to Parade.

“This is really pathetic situation in Jammu City. Auto wallas are sucking our saving by charging us so much that sometimes we are unable to pay their fare”, Ronewala Rajput expressed his frustration about high fare of Auto Rickshaw wallas.

“We have recently started ‘Auto Fare Loan’ scheme especially to pay fare of Auto rickshaw’s journey. It is getting good response and we will make this scheme at National level so that people can take loan to pay the fare of their journey via Auto Rickshaw”, J&K Chairman reveals his future plan about this new AFL scheme.

Meanwhile Auto wallas across Jammu city are very happy with this new AFL scheme and they have started to change their fare chart. Earlier they were charging 500 INR for 0.5 KM and now they have increased it to 1000 INR.

“The Auto walas are charging us so much that sometimes I feel that we can buy new auto with that fare amount as EMI. I think Auto walas in Jammu are the richest guys in the city”, Sahil Sharma expressed his hatred against Auto walas.

Meanwhile, Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah have raised concern in this new AFL schema and requested J&K bank to show some Kashmiriyat by giving less rate of interest to those guys who were used to pelt stones at Army.

Disclaimer: This article is of sheer stupidity. This is piece of satire.

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