A passenger gets heart attack due to excess happiness when he got a seat in Janipur-Parade Matador


Overloaded Janipur to Parade Matador in Jammu City

A passenger, Sachin Sharma 20 years old boy, from New plot area got heart attack when he is unable to control the happiness that he did not stand even for a minute, in the morning time, inside the matador in such high demand route of Janipur-Parade Matador.

“I can’t express my happiness and even words will not be enough to explain my state of mind when I got a seat for the entire journey from New Plot to Parade Matador Stand”, Sachin Sharma explained his happiness while lying on the hospital bed of Bakshi Nagar hospital.

The parents of Sachin are unavailable to comment when StudpidNews reporter try to reach them. Reports have revealed that they are yet to come out of the shock that their son unable to control such happiness with maturity.

“It is impossible to get seat especially in Morning and evening time. Even if PM Modi wants to travel during Morning time he also won’t get seat in the Matador. So it is much obvious that anyone would get heart attack if he gets seat in such high demand route”, Sachin Sharma’s friend explain the reason behind Heart attack.

“I am very happy because usually people are dreaming of travelling Canada/USA for the fun or may be go to Leh-Ladakh on their Bullet bike but my dream was to get a seat at least once in the Janipur-Parade Matador. I have been travelling in this route from continuous 5 years but today my dream got full-filled. This is real hard work which finally got the output”, Sachin Sharma explained his status of mind to StupidNews

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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