After 50 days HR replies to an email employee gets heart attack citing it is too quick reply from HR


Employee at hospital as he unable to bear HR's quick response to his email (Pic via Videoblocks)

In corporate world, where employees are working too hard to sustain in the competition, HR manager has surprised everyone with her quick and swift work ethics.

“I have no idea why our employee got heart attack. I just replied to his query which he asked me via email 50 days before. He seems to be fit and healthy but unbelievable for me to know about his condition”, HR manager trying to prove her innocence.

The Vice-President of the Organization has decided to give prestigious “Ninja” award to the HR for her quick reply, that too in 50 days, to employee’s query.

“This is quite shocking for me when I received a reply from my HR manager that too within 50 days. In my previous organization, I asked one query to HR and I got reply, almost after 2 years, from her when I left the company”,
An employee taking bed rest at Hospital explained why he got heart attack.

“But she was so sincere that when she replied via email it got bounced and then she replied to my query via WhatsApp which I had asked her 2 years ago. This is quite normal with HR because they are always fully loaded to manage employees’ Birthday, Marriage anniversary and searching motivational quotes on Google”, employee expressing his concern about HR’s workload and their sincerity for the job.

Disclaimer: This article is of sheer stupidity. This is piece of satire.

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