Ajay Rai to receive ‘Rajiv Gandhi Bravery’ award from Congress for contesting against Modi in Varanasi


Ajay Rai against Narendra Modi in Varanasi

The high voltage election drama in Varanasi is taking many twists and turns but this time Ajay Rai, a MP candidate, from Congress is making headlines across all the news channels.

“Last time Ajay ji lost with huge margin but his morale is as high as of 2014 and he is still ready to fight against PM Modi. This is real Congress power and it is all due to Rahul and Priyanka ji’s hard work. So he deserves ‘Rajiv Gandhi Veerta’ award for his bravery”, Sanjay Jha praises Ajay Rai

“Ajay Rai is our ‘Go’ man and he is even ready to walk bare-foot on pieces of broken glasses for the sake of Gandhi family Congress party. Priyanka ji can’t contest because of rising temperature of summer days and she can’t bear such intensive sunlight”, Sanjay Jha also explained why Priyanka Gandhi opt from Varanasi.

As per StupidNews analysis; Arvind Kejriwal is not contesting election from Varanasi so chances of Ajay Rai to improve his last year record are high and he can come in second position this year instead of third like last Lok Sabha election.

“If Congress returns to power then we will request Bharat Ratan for Ajay Rai for his extraordinary bravery”, Sanjay Jha explains his party strategy if they return to power.

Disclaimer: This article is of sheer stupidity. This is piece of satire.

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