Ananya Panday still facing struggle as she needs to click on ‘Skip Ad’ on YouTube without anyone’s help


Ananya Panday still facing struggle

Mumbai/India : The struggling story of Ananya Panday is still not over and she has been fighting against her struggles with boldness and without taking anyone’s help.

Earlier she had revealed her biggest struggle about her life and her fans were crying when they came to know about her story.

“Yes, I am still facing struggle. Yesterday, I was watching video on YouTube ‘how to boil water on gas stove‘ and suddenly ad was displayed and I need to click on ‘Skip Ad’ button without anyone’s help” Ananya herself revealed her struggle life to StupidNews.

“I was learning few important things of cooking on YouTube like ‘boiling of water‘, ‘How to boil an egg‘ and ‘How to buy Tomatoes‘ but irritating ads keep coming on YouTube”, Ananya further revealed about her frustration of living in a struggling life.

Meanwhile, reports are coming that Panday’s lawyer might file a case on YouTube to remove ads to make her client’s life simple, smooth and non-struggling one.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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