Article 370 is still valid, only resident of ‘Gandhi Family’ is allowed to become President of Congress Party

Article 370 since 1998: Non-Gandhi family can't become President of Congress

Article 370 since 1998: Non-Gandhi family can't become President of Congress

After the Lok Sabha election of 2019, this is the major setback for BJP led Narendra Modi as he is unable to abolish Article 370 completely from India.

“We are very happy and again we have proved that there is no Modi wave and this shows that he won the recent election just by mere luck. He is unable to fulfill his promise of revoking Article 370 from entire India”, Digvijay Singh said to StupidNews.

When asked how you can say that he is unable to abolish Article 370 despite the fact he had completely abrogate it from J&K, “We are following the footsteps of Nehru ji since 1947 and we must give importance to “Gandhi-Family” member only. Since 1998, only Gandhi-family member has been appointed as President of Congress party”, Digvijay Singh cautiously replied.

The senior party leaders from BJP are yet to counter Congress claim but sources close to Amit Shah have revealed that they are trying their best to remove Article 370 from Congress by including Sonia Gandhi into BJP.

“There was a time when we had selected non-Gandhi family member as President of Congress and those were worst years of my Political career. But workers like me realized the mistake and since 1998 we are on the track and non-Gandhi family can’t become President of our Party. This is real Article 370 which PM Modi unable to abolish”, Digvijay Singh factually explained the existence of Article 370.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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