Asthmatic Priyanka Chopra in her new video releases a new medicine to cure Asthma and Cancer diseases


Priyanka Chopra releases new medicine for Asthmatic people

After the successful response to her previous video about the caring of Asthmatic people during Diwali, now Priyanka Chopra has released her new video in which she has talked about a new medicine for both Asthmatic and Cancer patients.

“As you already knew (as per my previous video) that I was suffering badly from Asthma but thanks to Nick Jonas and his family that I am 100% fit and ready to suggest others that how to cure Asthma”, Confident Priyanka Chopra said to StupidNews.

When asked how Smoking cigarettes can cure Asthma and Cancer, “On the eve of my Birthday I was smoking which is very good for health. I was having ‘Tangiers Noir Cane Mint‘ and ‘Al Fakher‘ flavors smoke. These flavors are not available in India”, Priyanka Chopra replied and most probably explained the reason to relocate to USA .

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra’s PR agency has reached Patanjali to request Ramdev baba to have meeting with her. Priyanka with the help of Ramdev baba wants to make such kind of smoke in India which she is taking as a medicine to cure her Asthma.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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