Bangalore Tech companies promise to give 30% hike to those who vote in this Lok Sabha Election

IT Professional is trying to copy the Code from Google

IT Professional is trying to copy the Code from Google

Bengaluru/Bangalore: The Silicon valley of India is notorious for having poor voter count because of lazy IT professionals but this time Tech companies have taken the pledge to increase the voter count in this Lok Sabha election.

“We have came up with special hike component in the CTC for those who will franchise their exercise for voting rights. We may give our employee a permanent WFH and plus 30% hike if he/she specially travel to their native place to caste the vote”, A Senior Business HR reveals their attractive policy to increase the voter count.

When asked “How are you so sure that due to IT professionals there has been low voting count?”. “I must say this is not a million dollar question and it is very easy to answer. If you keep copying the code from Google and continuously sitting in a AC room for 10-12 hrs then your body will not allow you to go in the extreme sunlight to stand and caste your vote”, he replied angrily.

Meanwhile, News is coming that IT Professionals are demanding for long term Onsite opportunity if they vote in this Lok Sabha election.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly stupid and ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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