BCCI calls for an internal inquiry as President Ganguly wonders how India team won the first Test match against South Africa

President Ganguly wonders how India won the first test match

President Ganguly wonders how India won the first test match

Mumbai: The BCCI President, Mr. Saurav Ganguly, once again comes into the light of controversy but this time for a very unique and awkward reason when he ordered an internal inquiry to analyze the exact reasons behind India’s first win in the test match in the ongoing series against South Africa.

“Yes, we have received an email regarding the same and we are in the process of forming an internal panel to analyze the first Test match”, a senior member of BCCI confirms.

“What kind of analyses are expected from the internal panel?”, asked the StupidNews reporter.

“Actually we were expected to win both Test and ODI series as the host team is in transition phase but the way underdogs SA team played against India, forced Mr. Ganguly to seek an internal inquiry on how India team managed to win the first Test match”, a senior member replied.

“The way India’s team has played so far (except the First Test match) including ODIs, we are shocked to see how they have won the first match of the tour”, he added further.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed sources close to Indian Cricket Coach, Rahul Dravid, have also echoed the same thought as of Mr. Ganguly. The Indian Coach was also surprised to see that this kind of lethargic effort should have not even won its match and that’s the reason they ordered an internal inquiry. 

On Social Media, Stuart Binny and Vijay Shankar were trending yesterday, as cricket Fans want to see either of them as the Captain of Indian Cricket team in all formats to salvage India’s cricket through such turbulent times.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is a piece of humor and Satire.

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