BJP wants to release Arvind Kejriwal from Jail as they are unable to bear daily press conferences of Sunita Kejriwal

Sunita Kejriwal Press Conference

Sunita Kejriwal Press Conference

India/Delhi: In the most dramatic political development in Indian history, opposition wants to release Arvind Kejriwal immediately from the Jail. “This is not to express the sympathy with Kejriwal but the Delhi unit of BJP got fed-up with daily press conferences of Kejriwal’s wife and Atishi Marlena. We are unable to bear their melodrama during their press conferences”, Senior member of Delhi BJP unit expressed his frustration and spoke exclusively with StupidNews.

Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Arvind Kejriwal, is doing daily press conference to spread Kejriwal’s message for his supporters. Mrs. Kejriwal also said the soul of her husband is taking care of Delhi as his Body has been arrested and locked-up in Jail. “This is very scary situation and we are unable to sleep in the night because Kejriwal’s soul is roaming around Delhi and it could harm opposition leaders and that is also one of the reason that we want his release immediately”, Tejinder Bal, another senior BJP leader, explained the situation in Delhi.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly stupid and ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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