Congress and Kashmiri Separatists want Indian cricket team to wear Green instead of Orange color

India Team in Orange Jersey

India Team in Orange Jersey

The ongoing Cricket World cup again creating off field news and this time the color of Indian team’s jersey is creating lot of buzz among political parties.

Indian team selected Orange color for the match against England and because of its resemblance with Saffron color, Congress and Kashmiri separatists got angry and decided to sponsor green color jersey for them.

“Green color is widely accepted in the entire Universe and Kashmir ‘Azadi’ struggle has been testimony to it. Whenever Indian forces show their dominance over ‘India-held’ Kashmir province like Baramula and Anantnag we express our anger with green flag”, Kashmiri Separatist explained the love for Green color.

“This is clear case of Saffaronization of not only India but entire World. This is pure Hindutva dominance if they wear Orange color during match day. Even though Pakistan has Green color jersey and India should also wear same color to express their brotherhood with Pakistan”, Senior Congress leader expressed his anger over the color of jersey.

Meanwhile, some liberals are afraid that Virat Kohli might shouted same dialogue of Kesari movie during the match day so they are against Orange color.. “Aaj meri paghdi bhi kesari … joh bahega mera lahu bhi kesari … aur mera jawab bhi kesari”

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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