Congress gives zero rating to PM Modi’s biopic as Vivek Oberoi did not give credit to Rahul Gandhi for Modi’s win in 2014


Vivek Oberoi as PM Modi in his new movie

The latest flick of Vivek Oberoi where he played the role of PM Narendra Modi has been making headlines since the launch of its trailer and opposition is already criticizing both PM Modi and actor Vivek Oberoi for not showing the true story.

“We are very disappointed that PM Modi didn’t give credit to Rahul Gandhi to help BJP for its landslide victory in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Rahul ji was solely responsible for Modi’s win in last Lok Sabha elections”, Digvijay Singh expressed his disappointment for not Thanking to Rahul Gandhi in the movie.

Vivek Oberoi is busy in Movie’s promotion and he is not available to comment on movie’s script but sources have confirmed that Director of the movie had refused to give credit to Rahul Gandhi’s contribution in LS 2014.

“We are planning to make biopic on Rahul Gandhi and I will make sure that Rahul ji will get his credit for his work that he had committed for Modi ji’s victory in 2014”, Movie Director explained his plan to StupidNews.

When asked how Rahul Gandhi responsible for Modi’s win in 2014, “Looks like you are new to Indian politics. BJP team had made so much fun of Rahul Gandhi’s speeches in every election that voters start taking him non-serious politician and it helped Modi to win LS 2014”, Digvijay Singh replied.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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