Congress upset with Google for no Doodle on Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday

Rajiv Gandhi and Google case

Rajiv Gandhi and Google case

New Delhi. While newspapers are full of ads celebrating Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday, there is no special Google Doodle to do the same. This fact has upset the Congress party, sources say.

“Not only Sonia Gandhi ji, this time the whole party is upset,” confirmed a Congress leader, “Rajiv Gandhi ji brought computers, hard drives, microprocessors, SDRAM, keyboards, and mouse pads in India, yet Google didn’t do anything to honor him.”

“Do the Google guys not read newspapers?” the leader further wondered, “They must have seen those ads celebrating Rajiv ji’s birthday today. They should have done the same.”

When Faking News asked how paid ads in newspapers could be compared with Google Doodles, which are editorial decisions of Google, the party dismissed the question as “naïve”.

“We don’t know what you are talking. From our experience, there is no difference between paid ads and editorial content,” the Congress leader claimed, “Furthermore, when did we refuse to pay for the Doodle? They should quote a price like our newspapers do!”

“But we want them to understand the Indian culture better and come up with a Doodle without us paying for the same. This day is as important to our country as Independence Day,” the leader added.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

Earlier: It was written for FakingNews by one of our team member

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