Digvijay Singh sees ‘RSS ka Haath’ behind Rishab Pant and Rayudu’s omission from World Cup Squad


Digvijay Singh sess 'RSS ka Haath' behind Pant and Rayudu's omission

The political heat in India during the election has reached its peak when Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh blamed RSS for the omission of Rishab Pant and Rayudu from World cup 2019 Squad.

“I am 100000% sure that it is ‘RSS Hand’ behind the expulsion of these two youngsters from the World Cup squad. As you know, Mumbai blast and Pulwama attack, it is RSS who was responsible and my believe is getting stronger day by day that it is always ‘RSS ka Haath’ behind everything”, Digvijay Singh has firmly put his statement.

As Lok Sabha election is going on and Congress is planning to release a new book “RSS ka Haath” to seize the moment and make it nation-wide movement against BJP and PM Modi.

When asked why RSS will indulge in Cricket and it is nothing to do with BJP, “You are too naive too ask such question. In World Cup Squad, BCCI selected 3 players from Gujarat cadre and it is the strong proof that Narendra Modi ordered BCCI to include these Gujaratis and exclude Pant and Rayudu from the team”, Digvijay Singh confidently replied.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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