Donald Trump is watching Indian News channels to decide his next step against Iran


Donald Trump watching India News Channels

New Delhi /India : The Indian media is getting recognition across the world and thanks to their expert comments that they are preaching during prime time debates.

“I love Indian channels especially their news channels are so diverse that they have been broadcasting serials like Big Boss, Indian idol, Saas-Bahu and sometimes they are showing news also”, Peter Parker, Tump’s media advisor, said to StupidNews.

“Now suddenly Indian news channels are showing news about Iran and Iraq with same graphics, music and themes which they have been using for broadcasting serials and methodological analysis. This makes me and Mr. Trump interested in getting some expert advice from Indian news channels about our next move against Iran”, Parker added further.

Indian defense and foreign strategic experts are excited to know that Mr. Trump is listening to them to get expert advice. “Earlier I started my career with analysis of serial like ‘Saas Bahu ki Kahani‘ then later I became expert in everything and I am able to comment on each and every news in entire World”, A well known expert on Serial-Cricket-Economy-Defence-Bollywood said to StupidNews.

Meanwhile news is coming that President Trump might take Arnab Goswami into his core team to get more expert advice on Iran war.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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