Donald Trump seeks Amit Shah’s help to achieve PM Modi’s dream of ‘Ab ki Bar Trump Sarkar’


Donald Trump seeking Amit Shah's to achieve Modi's dream of 'Ab Ki Bar Trump Sarkar'

Houston / New York: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at NRG stadium at Houston has created headlines across the World because of BJP’s official support to President Donald Trump.

“Mr. Modi has officially announced ‘Ab ki Bar Trump Sarkar‘ (Trump Once more) in the front of strong 50,000+ Indian-Americans. But we are not sure how to win the election again”, President Donald Trump’s secretary said to StupidNews.

“Last time, few Russian agencies had helped Mr. Trump and now everyone has become aware of external help. This time we might take help of Mr. Amit Shah to achieve PM Modi’s dream of ‘Trump Once More‘”, he added further.

Amit Shah is yet to reply about the recent development but sources close to BJP core team has revealed to StupidNews that Shah might help Mr. Trump if he joins BJP and USA govt. allows BJP to contest election in the United State of America.

According to StupidNews analysis, Prime Minister Modi becomes first foreign person to declare official support to an American President that too on their soil by preceding all laws of USA: ‘External meddling into American election’.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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