Girl breaks up with her Boy friend as he has having no idea about TikTok app


TikTok girls enjoying after breaking up with their boy friends

Girls are getting mad over TikTok app and according to StupidNews analysis, almost 50 videos are being uploaded by each girl as per day limit.

“I think TikTok app is the second best thing happens to this universe, first it was Facebook. I can’t imagine my life without TikTok app and If you haven’t yet uploaded any video on TikTok then you deserve to return to an Early-man era.”, A girl from South Mumbai Bombay reveals her madness for the app.

But there are few sections of society where people are not aware of this crazy TikTok app and these sections of people are believed to live on this earth planet.

“Recently, I broke up with my boy friend because he is having no idea about TikTok app. I don’t care about his salary and his education, the only thing which I need a TikTok app on his mobile where he can upload at least 50 videos per day along with me.” A South Delhi girl explained her priorities in her life.

We have reached disheartened boy for this comments and he explained her madness, “She is so mad about TikTok app that she took entire one month leave to correct her dance moves so that it get more views on the app. Now she is planning for sabbatical leaves to upload more videos on the TikTok.”

“If by mistake Supreme court bans TikTop app then I am sure that Girls from South Mumbai and Delhi would take citizenship in China”, Disheartened boy imagined the chaos if TikTok app gets ban.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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