Govt starts new Helicopter service from Amphalla to Janipur to curb Traffic woes

Amphalla to Janipur Traffic

Amphalla to Janipur Traffic

Jammu: The J&K Govt has finally taken a decision that will help people reach their destination in less than 5 mins even during peak traffic. According to Jammu Traffic Police, flying from Jammu to Delhi takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, and driving from Amphalla to Janipur takes the same amount of time.

“Last week, traffic was so bad that I left my home one week before to reach my college for the examination on time”, Pintu Sharma angrily spoke to a StupidNews reporter and “Thank God I reached examination hall just one hour before and I revised my syllabus in the matador itself”.

Jammu is a smart city and Govt also working smartly by introducing Helicopter service from Amphalla to Janipur to curb Traffic problems and this is called “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”.

Unconfirmed rumors have confirmed that people of Tallab Tillo are demanding for Rocket service from ISRO to reach Jewel chowk because even Helicopter won’t help them to reach their destination.

“Last month, I dropped my son at the Jammu airport, and he reached Bangalore, but I was yet to reach my home in the Janipur Colony because traffic was so bad that it took 5 hrs to reach Janipur and by the time my son reached Bangalore”, Kaka Sharma expressed his displeasure with Traffic problems in the Jammu city.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly stupid and ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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