HR Managers vow to learn Excel sheet if their wish of ‘no rain’ in India-Pakistan’s world cup match fulfills


HR Managers in an important discussion about excel sheet

The much awaited clash of India-Pakistan match in ICC World Cup has brought good news for employees especially for Software industry across India.

“We have promised to God, if there is no rain between India-Pakistan’s match then we will learn to work on Excel sheet rather than to learn new designs of Rangoli”, an optimistic HR executive said to StupidNews

Employees across Software industry have expressed their happiness that finally HR managers will start some productive work and it will definitely help in Company’s growth.

“I hope HRs should also promise to reply to our emails within a week. In my previous company, I had received reply from my HR manager after 1 year of my resignation from that company and that too on WhatsApp”, a techie wants HR manager to be pro active.

When asked that people usually pray to God that they will donate their hairs, Jewelry, or one month salary but why to learn excel sheet, “To give up to learn new designs of Rangoli is very emotional decision for us and that is what we have prayed to God so that our wish would be fulfilled by Him”, HR executive replied.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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