Impact of India and Pakistan Cricket match: Pakistani television insurance companies declare bankruptcy

Fans break TV sets after Pak loses to India

Fans break TV sets after Pak loses to India

Islamabad/Pakistan: Although the cricket match between India and Pakistan is known as the “mother of all battles,” this time it had such a significant impact that Pakistani insurance companies went bankrupt.

Shehbaz Sharif, the new prime minister of Pakistan, is concerned about the GDP of his nation and has decided to take an additional loan from the World Bank to erect an iron TV cage that will prevent anyone from removing the TV. “Every home in the entire country of Pakistan will have an iron TV cage installed”, this is Sharif’s new resolution to bail out his country from the bankruptcy of TV insurance companies.

“Humein TV cage se koi matlab nahi hai. Hum bankrupt ho gye hai. Humari company ne 500cr TV insurance ke paise logo ko de diye. Woh TV phodte rahe aur hum insurance ka amount unko dete rahe”, one of the owner of TV Insurance company sobbing and crying for his lost.

(We have nothing to do with the TV cage. We have become bankrupt. Our company disbursed 500cr money to entire Pakistan. They kept on breaking TV sets and we kept giving them the amount of TV insurance.)

Meanwhile, Kashmir valley politicians also demand same kind of iron cage, free of cost, to be installed in every home of Cricket fans so that expensive TVs can be saved especially during India Pakistan cricket matches.

Also, Kashmir Valley politicians are trying to raise funds to help Pakistanis TV insurance companies. “We have requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi also to help them but still there is no reply from Modi’s core team”, Engineer Sheikh Abdul Rashid said to StupidNews.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly stupid and ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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