Indian Liberals demand to remove Modi’s Ram Janambhoomi speech from Facebook and YouTube to make India a secular country

PM Modi at Ram Janambhoomi

PM Modi at Ram Janambhoomi

India/Ayodhya: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid foundation stone at Ram Janambhoomi for the re-construction of Ram Mandir but Indian Liberals are worrying about Secularism and have started demand to remove Modi’s speech from Facebook and YouTube.

“Yes, we want to remove fascist Modi’s speech from all Digital platforms. The way he speaking without looking at paper unlike our Sonia ji has been doing is clearly targeting Congress and uniting all Hindus across the World”, A Secular Rana Ajub expressed her concern about Indian Secularism.

“We Muslims have no right to do anything. We had celebrated Bakri-Eid few days ago but we were not allowed to sacrifice more than 4 goats. We had celebrated Eid-Ul-Adha few months ago but we were not allowed to eat more than 1kg Kheer. I would like to thank our AIMPLB who gave threat reminds fascist Hindus about our Babri Mosque”, Rana Ajub vehemently rejected Hindu identity in India.

Meanwhile reports are coming that Congress has also supported Liberals’ demand of removing Modi’s speech from YouTube server.

“If people keep on listening Modi’s speech on YouTube and Facebook then the chances of our Rahul Baba to become Prime Minister will be null and void”, Digvijay Singh expressed his concern for Congress Party.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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