Indian Liberals sit on an indefinite hunger strike against China for not sending Xi Jinping at Border to counter Modi

Indian Liberals on Indefinite hunger strike to support China

Indian Liberals on Indefinite hunger strike to support China

Delhi/Beijing: The latest stand-off between India and China has escalated to higher level and this time Indian Liberals are very angry with Chinese government due to their inaction to “de-escalate” the situation at border by not sending Xi Jinping at border.

“The way Chinese govt is countering against India, soon China will be like another Pakistan and they won’t win against India. This is the reason that our ‘Patriot group‘ is disappointed with China”, Intellectual and Secular Sawara expressed her concern for India.

Some of Liberals from ‘Patriot group‘ has deleted their Twitter and Facebook account because they are worried about China’s PLA preparation against India.

“We are real Patriot and we get scared when Global Times posted video of PLA army and our Indian Army looks feeble against them. And this the real concern for us”, Another Intellectual and Secular Digvijay Singh expressed her concern for India.

When we tried to confront ‘Patriot group‘ that our Indian Army eliminated 40+ Chinese soldiers and also we did several Surgical strikes that means we are capable enough to reply China, “What is the Proof that we did surgical Strike? Pakistan Army never accepted any kind of Surgical strike and also Chinese PLA yet to accept 40+ causalities. This is all PR work of Modi” , Digvijay Singh replied.

Reports from unconfirmed sources are coming that ‘Patriot group‘ of Indian Liberals will continue to do hunger strike until China will give befitting reply to India’s aggression to de-escalate the situation at Ladakh Border.

“The only best way to de-escalate the situation at Ladakh Border is to send Chinese President Xi Jinping at Border for the moral boosting of Chinese soldiers until we will sit on an Indefinite hunger strike”, Liberals from ‘Patriot group‘ trying to bring ‘Aman ki Aasha‘ between China and India.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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