Indian man files case against Wild Stone deo as his British girl friend doesn’t cheer for India

Ranbir Kapoor in Wild Stone Deo

Inspired by Ranbir Kapoor, man tries to impress his girl friend

A man inspired by Ranbir Kapoor’s advertisement tries to woo his British girl friend to cheer for Indian team in on-going ICC World cup.

“I have applied Wild Stone deo and I sat with my girl friend on a couch exactly like Ranbir Kapoor did in the ad. When I started cheering for India but she didn’t acknowledge my cheering and remained silent”, a disappointed and dejected Virat Varma said to StupidNews.

Our StupidNews team have tried to reach Virat’s girlfriend but she was not available to comment about the recent development. But sources have confirmed that Virat has already filed case against Wild stone company for cheating and fraud case.

The CEO of Wild Stone has taken the matter very seriously and he has already started investigation about the fragrance of Wild Stone deo. “We would like to give free England trip along with World cup match tickets to compensate our customer’s emotional loss”, Wild Stone’s CEO tries to avoid legal case and wants settlement with customer.

“I tried to reach Ranbir Kapoor via his social media account to ask him that how he impressed so many girls to cheer for India but he is yet to reply”, Virat Varma is still not losing hope of impressing his girlfriend.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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