Inspired by Hardik Pandya’s engagement, Yuzvendra Chahal requests Karan Johar to invite him to his show


Yuzi gets inspired by Hardik Pandya and requests Karan Johar to invite him for his show

Mumbai/India : The start of new year is dream come true for Hardik Pandya as he got engaged to Serbian actor Natasa Stankovic and he became an inspiration for rest players in Indian Cricket team that how to achieve dreams with sheer hard work.

“Hardik bhai is one of the best guy in Indian cricket team. I got inspired from him and I requested Karan Johar to invite me for his “Koffee with Karan” show.

When asked why you want to go to Karan’s show, “I think you are too naive in the field of Cricket and Bollywood. If you were an experience reporter then you would have not asked about connection of Cricket and Bollywood. If you check history you will come to know how many Cricketers fell in love with Bollywood stars”, Yuzi replied.

We further asked Yuzi, What if Karan asked you about your Sex life. What will be your reply?, “Definitely, I won’t reply: Main aaj karke aaya, but I will reply something else and for that you need to watch the episode”, Yuzi intelligently replied to our question.

Our team reached Karan’s office and he is not available as he was busy in reading the invitations of Cricketers of other Countries to invite them to his show.

Sources close to Karan Johar reveals that he is getting request from bachelor players of Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Pakistan teams.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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