Inspired by ICC weird rules, Software companies to send IT engineers to Onsite on the basis of their typing speed

Software Engineers

Software Engineers discussing their typing speed

Bengaluru: The final match of ICC World Cup 2019 has inspired not only cricketers but many Software companies and inspired by ICC weird rules, they have considered to change the policies to address the concern of their employees.

“We have decided to change the performance parameters of our Software engineers. Earlier we were validating their coding and communication skills and now we will check their typing speed before sending them to Onsite”, 45 years old Srinivasan Project Manager in IT company said to StupidNews.

When asked how this non-relevant parameter would help organization, “This is the best parameter to judge one’s performance. Even though one’s coding and communication skills are best but these are outdated parameters to analyse one’s performance. Like ICC, we are not believing in real parameters and inspired by ICC we want to follow our own strategy which might be weird at this moment but might become relevant in future”, Srini replied and explained the new enhanced performance system.

The Software Industries are upgrading their systems to accommodate these important organizational changes and ICC administration staff is helping them to achieve this key up-gradation across Software companies.

Meanwhile, Manufacturing and Pharma companies are also inspired by ICC and decided to give promotion and increment on the basis of their hand-writing skills. The more neat and clean their hand-writing, higher the percentage of their increment in the salary and chances are high that they might get double promotion also.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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