JNU students are nominated for best costume in Oscar, Swara Bhaskar applauds their efforts


JNU Students with best Costume

Delhi/India : JNU students are studying so hard that they are being recognized across the World and they have been nominated for Oscar awards.

“This is the best award that one can get after so much of hard work and I am glad that it came from one of the reputed jury of Arts and entertainment”, Swara Bhaskar said to StupidNews.

When StupidNews team tried to correct Bhaskar that this award is for not excellence in field of research and study but in Drama and Arts, “You are Sanghi and Modi supporter. You are jealous of this award because you fascist people are not eligible for this award”, Bhaskar replied furiously.

The current JNU president, Aishe Ghosh is very happy with the nomination. “My efforts in arts and fashion in designing plaster has finally been recognized. Sometimes I wear it on left and sometimes on right. This is called innovation and my fans got confused that in which arm I got fractured”, Ghosh was excited for her nomination in Oscar awards.

The other student who also nominated in Oscar for Costume category told, “If you look at my dressing carefully, it is soaked from the outside and dry from the inside. This is the best innovation that I can bring and band-aid is over my hijab that is the best part of my costume. Moreover the lady behind me is having clean injury and she also tried some innovation”.

While Deepika Padukone and Anurag Kashyap have also applauded efforts of JNU students in their innovation in wearing costume to attract more people to JNU campus for fun and entertainment.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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