Lal Singh Chaddha flops, Aamir Khan blames Forrest Gump team for not sharing original video of Tom Hanks’ running scene

The decision to remake Tom Hanks' film was met with criticism

The decision to remake Tom Hanks' film was met with criticism

Mumbai / Los Angeles: Due to Aamir Khan’s recent film, Lal Singh Chaddha, Tom Hanks, a superstar, is facing backlash. Tom Hanks has reportedly spent the past 24hrs staying inside his apartment and didn’t come out, according to some unconfirmed reports.

“Lal Singh Chaddha fans around the world weren’t happy with the teaser when it was released last month, and Tom Hanks received a lot of harsh criticism for it,” said Tom’s secretary, who was sobbing and worried about Tom’s plight.

“Why is he getting so much flack? Why is Aamir Khan criticising the cast of Forrest Gump?”, StupidNews Senior Editor asked Tom Hanks’ personal secretary.

“We just received an email from Aamir Khan accusing us of failing to share the original video of Tom Hanks’ running sequence. This email from Mr. Khan is ludicrous, and his conduct is not professional “Tom Hanks’ personal secretary yelled back angrily.

Our Senior correspondent in Mumbai tried to reach Aamir Khan’s personal assistant and asked him the pertinent question: “Why Aamir’s team blaming Forrest Grump’s production?”

You asked us such a stupid question, I believe, because you are a naïve reporter for Bollywood. Khan’s PA replied angrily and threatened to take us to court, saying, “We are going to file a complaint against you and the Forrest Gump production because Tom Hanks placed you against us to create a hostile climate against the LSC.”

While unconfirmed news is coming:- Lal Singh Chaddha actor Aamir Khan performed so horribly that viewers gave Forrest Gump ONE rating on IMDB for allowing him to remake his movie.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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