Liberals demand to ‘prepone’ Diwali festival as they want to blame Diwali crackers for Pollution in Delhi

Thick layer of Pollution in Delhi without burning any cracker

Thick layer of Pollution in Delhi without burning any cracker

Delhi/India: Indian Liberals and eminent personalities with their esteem wisdom have found the ‘rare of the rarest’ solution for yearly pollution in Delhi.

“The prime minister Narendra Modi is very adamant and never listen to our suggestions and feedbacks. If he Prepones the Diwali festival then we have the solution for Delhi’s pollution”, An eminent personality and secular Journalist Rana said to StupidNews.

When asked how prepone of Diwali will solve the problem, “Last year, Diwali came at right time and we blamed Hindu Festival for the pollution in Delhi and people also recognized our solution but this year Diwali came little late so our solution won’t work this time”, Secular Rana replied and demand for resignation of PM Modi as he is not taking their suggestion.

“If fascist Hindus burn crackers then only Pollution will increase as Congress govt in Punjab is doing its work honestly. Burning of paddy is must and we cannot blame Congress as Hindu Festival is there to blame”, Another secular eminent personality gave unique solution for Delhi’s pollution.

Meanwhile reports are coming that eminent personalities have protested against Kite flying festival also as it turns the sky to Saffron from Blue color.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire

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