Liquor lovers request PM Modi to call them ‘Economic Warriors’ and mention about their efforts in his Mann ki Baat

Liquor Lovers are struggling outside shops to revive Indian Economy

Liquor Lovers are struggling outside shops to revive Indian Economy

India: The booze lovers are often discarded in civilized society but this time they are proud of themselves in reviving India’s economy during this pandemic crisis.

“We are sacrificing our time to stand in the queue to buy alcohol and helping India to revive its economy”, Beer lover, Arindham Ghose, who came to buy alcohol at 5am, said to StupidNews.

When asked why you are so confident of reviving the economy, “Our struggle story is much worse than Ananya Pandey’s struggle story. If govt thinks about us by opening the Liquor shop so it is our duty to buy it in large number to revive the economy and we are “Economic Warriors“, Aridham replied proudly.

“Last time I stand in the queue for 5hrs when I visited Vaishno Devi and this time I have broken my own record. That’s the reason we have requested PM Modi to mention about our special efforts in his Mann Ki Baat“, Another Beer lover, Monish who stand in the queue from past 8hrs expressed his proud feelings.

Meanwhile reports are coming that Ravi Shastri already shifted his location permanently to Green zone area so that he can contribute to Indian economy without standing in the queue.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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