L’Oreal CEO to join Shiv Sena to mentor their workers in hair styling and coloring


L'Oreal salon joins Shiv Sena to bring innovation

Mumbai/India: A Mumbaikar from Wadala, Hiramani Tiwari¬†, got famous after getting thrashed new hair style from Shiv Sena workers but L’Oreal CEO doesn’t seem happy with the hair styling.

“It pains me when I saw the image of Tiwari with his new hair style and styling was very bad. If I were Shiv Sena’s supremo, I would have sent that worker, who tonsured Tiwari’s head, to Pakistan as punishment for making bad hair styling”, L’Oreal CEO said to StupidNews.

When asked to Shiv Sena worker, who tonsured Tiwari’s head, why did you make ugly hair style, “Actually, we were under tremendous pressure of taking some action against Tiwari’s Facebook post and now we are glad that L’Oreal CEO is going to join us and we will become expert in tonsuring head in quick time”, Shiv Sena worker replied.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports are coming that CEO of Lakme and Jawed Habib have also applied for Shiv Sena but sources close to Uddhav Thackeray reveals that he might prefer that CEO who is Anti-Modi.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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