Navjot Singh Sidhu requests Imran Khan to send Shahid Afridi to counter Gautam Gambhir’s induction into BJP

Sidhu Imran

Sidhu Imran in serious discussion (Pic

The fanboy of Imran Khan, Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu requests Imran Khan to send Pakistani ex cricketer Shahid Afridi to contest election against BJP’s newly member Gautam Gambhir.

When asked why India need Shahid Afridi to contest election against Gambhir, “You are too naive to ask this question. Gambhir and Afridi were like real India-Pakistan when they were used to play Cricket. As we don’t have enough strength to counter BJP with strong Congress leader so I have sent request to my dear Friend Imran Khan and I hope he will accept it.”

Recently Sam Pitroda, like Sidhu, spoke in the favor of Pakistan. “If Imran Khan will not reply to Sidhu’s request then we will make sure that Sam Pitroda will also send the request to Pakistan and it will add more weightage to our request.
Imran Khan is yet to react on this recent development but news are coming that posters of Gambhir vs Afridi are already being displayed on big hording in Kashmir and also in Sidhu’s Amritsar city.

Disclaimer: This article is of sheer stupidity. This is piece of satire.

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