Nobel peace recipient Malala praises Taliban for maintaining social distance while capturing Afghanistan

Taliban Maintaining Social Distancing While Capturing Afghanistan

Taliban Maintaining Social Distancing While Capturing Afghanistan

The Nobel peace award winner, Malala Yousafzai , is again making headlines which may lay down the foundation for her to receive another Nobel peace award as Corona warriors, an UN expert committee reveals their strategy of selecting the winner.

“The recent news of Talibans in Afghanistan country have created a sensation not because of forcefully capturing the country but the way they did it must be considered as one of the greatest war strategies amid pendmaic”, Malala posted this on her Facebook.

During the live interaction on her Facebook chat session, “How you can say this is one of the greatest war strategies when Taliban is creating chaos and killing so many innocent Afghanis?”, one of our stupid reporter asked her.

“I think you are a naive reporter and you don’t have any knowledge about Geopolitics but still I want to give you a reply. The peaceful soldiers of Taliban have maintained social distance throughout their struggle and also wore double masks to avoid the spread of coronavirus. About the killing of Afghani people, I think you must learn Politics first and then join the school of Journalism”, Malala replied and blocked our reporter on Facebook.

The United Nations has already put Malala’s name into the nomination list for another Nobel peace award for her bold statement about Taliban’s discipline for following corona protocol amid war-like situation.

“Malala is always visionary and she noticed that the Taliban’s struggle to remain disciplined (like wearing mask and social distance) throughout the war, is what we like about Malala because no one in this world is not talking about the discipline part of Talibanis and only she noticed it.”, a UN expert committee replied to our query via email. 

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is a piece of humor and Satire.

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