Omar Abdullah demands two regular captains for RCB team to console their fans


Kohli giving vivid looks to Omar

Omar Abdullah is highly motivated with Article 370 and wants to use its special power for sinking RCB team in an ongoing IPL.

“RCB team is going through tough phase of the tournament and it is getting difficult for regular captain Virat Kohli to console their fans after each match”, Omar Abdullah expressed his concern for RCB team.

“Virat Kohli can concentrate on his batting and while other captain, which I have demanded, can console their fans after each game. I think the most appropriate person for the second regular captain would be Rahul Gandhi. As Rahul has lot of experience in consoling Congress staff after each election”, Omar Abdullah explained his demand and strategy for RCB.

The IPL chairman is not available to comment on Omar Abdullah’s new demand. But sources of StupidNews have confirmed that IPL governing body is validating the rule book if it is possible to have two regular captains for a single cricket team.

“As per Article 370 it is very much possible and it is pure constitutional law. IPL chairman must apply this law for the sake of RCB fans else it would be very difficult to control them”, Omar Abdullah defended his demand constitutionally.

Meanwhile reports are coming that Britishers have requested Omar Abdullah to use his expertise of Article 370 to divide Europe on the basis of Brexit.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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