Pakistan is not afraid of India’s Anti-Satellite missile but scared of Arnab Goswami


Arnab Goswami in serious mood

After India’s successful launch of Anti-Satellite missile, but Pakistan is not having an iota of worry about India’s new development in Defence area.

“We are never afraid of India till 2006 and their technology never bother us. We can counter all Indian weapons but we don’t have any ability to defend Arnab’s anger “, Pakistan’s Defence spokesperson said to StupidNews.

“Earlier we were afraid of Sunny Deol but the way Arnab dominates any debate especially when Pakistanis are his panelists reminds me a lot of Sunny Deol’s character from Gadar movie. Without digital effect Arnab’s sound and his decibel is much higher than Sunny Deol’s voice. So that’s the reason we are afraid of Arnab Goswami’s anger”.

During Balakot Air strike, according to StupidNews analysis: Several Pakistanis soldiers and terrorists were ready to surrender to Indian Army when rumor was spread that Arnab might come to PoK to take Pulwama’s revenge.

“This was total failure of Modi’s govt. If they had unleashed Anrab Goswami on Pakistan, entire country would have surrendered to Indian army but golden opportunity was missed by Modi”, Digvijay Singh expressed his unhappiness with Modi’s decision of not using Arnab’s power.

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