Pakistan takes loan from World Bank to buy new TVs as shortage looms after India Pakistan match

TV Sets in Pakistan

Broken TVs in Pakistan

The world cup match between India and Pakistan is giving financial jolt to Pakistan country and its Prime Minister, Imran Khan, is trying his best to help his countrymen to overcome the financial crisis.

In a bizarre incident that most Pakistanis wouldn’t be proud of, the country has become the first ever in the entire world to have a shortage of TV sets.

“The is not a Cricket match but it is war which we have been kept losing from India since 1947. Pakistanis are very angry and they often expressed their anger by breaking TV sets. As they have been doing this activity after each World cup, so we are facing acute shortage of TV sets in our country”, Imran Khan’s spokesperson embarrassingly said to StupidNews.

The president of World Bank is yet to comment on Imran Khan’s request but sources has revealed that World bank might reject Khan’s request.

“If World bank is not ready to help us then we will request our best friend China to send us their Chinese TVs which are not so fragile and very difficult to break it”, Pakistan foreign minister informed us while talking about their strategy.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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