PM Rishi Sunak wants England Team to practice 70hrs a week to play well in the 2023 World Cup

PM Rishi is giving tips to Jos Buttler of practicing 70hrs per week

Jos Buttler is getting advice from PM Rishi on how to practise 70 hours per week.

London: The Britisher Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has come up with the innovative idea for the England Cricket team to salvage their sinking ship in the ongoing World Cup in India.

“If our team practises 70 hours per week, they may reach the World Cup semi-finals or perhaps win the Final, and I am certain of it since my father-in-law used this approach and had success in his life.”, PM Rishi Sunak sends WhatsApp to StupidNews reporter about his innovative idea.

Our reporter tried to reach England’s captain, Jos Buttler, about the new approach that their prime minister offered to his team, but Jos was busy in the nets, and he got bowled in the nets as well.

“The good news for England cricket fans is that if our team finishes seventh, we will be automatically qualified for the ICC Champions Trophy 2025,” reveals by an English player and we cannot reveal his name.

“WTF, we are looking for 2023 ICC World cup and our team is playing for 2025 Champions Trophy. This is utterly stupid and ridiculous news much like your website,” angry English fans utter abusive language when they came to know that their National Cricket Team is looking forward to the Champions Trophy and not serious about ongoing 2023 World Cup.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly stupid and ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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