Potholes in Bangalore are getting wider than roads, BBMP asks for more tax for constructing narrower potholes


Potholes on Bangalore Road are getting wider than Road itself

Bangalore: The silicon valley and Start-up city of India is creating buzz in the entire World with its innovation of Potholes on the roads of Bangalore city.

“The Potholes on city roads are so wide that sometimes I used to drive my car on the footpath to avoid my car bumper. And people of my Bangalore city are so peaceful and humble that they always allow to pass my car besides them on the footpath”, Rajnit Rao, a Software Consultant said to StupidNews.

“Potholes are like safety measures. They act like speed breakers of our city and one cannot drive more than 10km/hr due to large and wider potholes on the roads”, A Senior BBMP officials (on anonymity) explaining the benefits of having wider potholes on the roads.

The people of Bangalore have requested ISRO to design a vehicle equal to Chandrayaan 2 to help them to commute regularly to office without facing Potholes on the road.

“The strength of our department is to create potholes on newly constructed road and if people wants narrower pothole then they need to pay extra road tax. 100% Pothole-free roads are impossible. If they want clean roads, People need to shift to other cities”, BBMP officials continued to defend his department.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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