Putin requests Indian Media to give preference to War reporting over UP Election result

Indian Media is getting Popular in Moscow

Indian Media is getting Popular in Moscow

Moscow/New Delhi: The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has requested all Indian News channels to continue their brave reporting from the Ukraine war zone amid UP and other 4 states’ election results.

“Indian Media is the only source of information for us to know about the capabilities of our Missiles. Moreover, Our President, Mr. Putin always watches Indian news Channels then he comes to know whether our Missiles have hit the Target or misses it”, A Russian diplomat expressed his nervousness due to lack of War reports from Indian news channels.

Sources close to Mr. Putin have confirmed to Stupid News that he has requested Mr. Modi to delay the election result till next month so that Indian News channels would give preference to War News over election result.

“Our detective agencies are sometimes getting secret information from Indian News Channels which we are unable to get from our sources. Few days ago, we came to know from Indian Media that Ukrainian President was hiding in the cave near Poland border and we were amazed with their precise information”, Ex KBG president told Stupid News.

Few Russian diplomats have requested Stupid News to convey their request to Chetan Bhagat if he can suggest few important points, in his TOI column, to Mr. Putin that how he can win the war against Ukraine.

Disclaimer: This article is of sheer stupidity. This is a piece of humor and Satire.

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