Robert Vadra decides to join BJP as he fears his wealth will be redistributed if Congress wins election

Robert Vadra is also trying to convince his Wife to join the BJP

Robert Vadra is also trying to convince his Wife to join the BJP

New Delhi/India: The Son-in-Law of the Powerful Gandhi Family has decided to join the BJP because of Congress Manifesto that clearly indicates that they will snatch property of Wealthy Businessmen and redistributed to particular community.

“I think in this election, Congress is not using its old strategy where we used to seize take money from one group and developing things like DLF in the Gurugram. Those were the best days of my life and Congress has decided not to use its old policies”, frustrated Robert Vadra spoke to StupidNews.

Our sources close to Congress have revealed that Sam Pitroda has already created a list of wealthy businessmen and Robert Vadra is one of them. But surprisingly, there is no Ambani and Adani in the list of wealthy businessmen.

Rehan Vadra, son of Robert Vadra, is also very angry with his maternal Grandmother. He also fears that due to inheritance tax, he might lose all his father’s property.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly stupid and ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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