Salman Khan’s fan takes one week off from office just to watch only Bharat movie Trailer for the entire 7 days

Bharat Movie

Salman Fans are getting crazy after watching Bharat Trailer

The much awaited trailer of Salman Khan’s next movie Bharat has released and as usual his crazy fans are so happy that movie trailer crossed million of views on YouTube channel within few mins of its release.

“Bhai is like my big Brother and whenever his new movie trailer releases I always try to remember each and every scene by its dialogues plus his movements and acting also by taking leaves from my office”, Sallu Khan, a crazy Salman’s fan said to StupidNews.

“When his ‘Tere Naam‘ movie trailer was released, I took 6 months leave because in that movie he did so brilliant acting that it took me almost 4-5 months to learn his acting and dance steps. And One month leave to learn his dialogues. But Thank God, this Bharat movie trailer looks like his usual movies and I am sure that it will take just 1 week to learn everything.”, he added further.

Salman Khan is happy that his fans are going crazy about his movie but he has also suggested to his fans to avoid such foolishness and advised them to concentrate on their study and work.

“I had locked myself inside the room and have been watching only his movies on my laptop continuously from last 3 months with full concentration but when my Mom passed a slip underneath the door to inform me about Bhai’s appeal to concentrate on study, I came out of my room and joined the college again”, Another crazy fan of Salman Khan shared his experience about his madness for him.

Meanwhile, Sallu Khan’s manager have decided to change his tough and competitive accounts department to HR admin so that Sallu can enjoy Salman’s movies along with his regular office work.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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