Sanjay Raut wants to become Chief Minister of Maharashtra on odd day and Prime Minister of India on even day


Sanjay Raut signals victory sign after negotiations

Maharashtra/Mumbai: Finally the logjam between BJP and Shiv-Sena have seemed that both parties have agreed to each other’s terms.

The fight between BJP and Shiv-Sena have been going from past few days for the Chief Minister’s chair. Sanjay Raut, the Shiv-Sena man, is behind all the negotiations. His daily routine is: Breakfast, lunch, evening tea started with Press Conference and closes his day with dinner at Sharad Pawar’s residence.

“I like Kejriwal’s idea of odd-even and I would like to use this formula in Politics. I want to become CM of Maharashtra on Odd day and PM of India on Even day”, Sanjay Raut revealed his plan.

“For the even day, when I will become the Prime Minister during those days Devendra Fadnavis can become CM of Maharashtra”, Sanjay Raut added further.

Meanwhile, the BJP’s strongman Amit Shah yet to react on new formula which is proposed by Sanjay Raut. But sources close to BJP have revealed that Amit Shah is trying to induct Sanjay Raut into BJP and that would be the final solution of Maharashtra’s logjam.

Reports are coming that after the successful negotiations in Maharashtra, Sanjay Raut is going to for the negotiations for Presidential elections in USA and he is confident of getting break through in the White house.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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