Software Engineers to go on indefinite strike, demand to increase their salary to pay Traffic fine


Software Engineers on Indefinite strike to demand to increase their salary

Bangalore/Bengaluru: As many as 10 lakh Software engineers have decided to sit on hunger strike in the support of increment of their salaries so that they can pay Traffic fine as per new Motor vehicle act.

“The life of a Software engineer sucks and there has been no increment in my salary from last 5 years. Yesterday, I had paid fine of 10,000 INR due to traffic violation. My salary is 40,000 INR and out of which I am paying 20,000 flat rent”, Furious Akshay Khanna said to StupidNews.

“I think this is the best time to put pressure on my Manager to increase my salary. One of my colleague paid fine which is more than his annual income”, A techie from TCS Bangalore said to StupidNews.

But there is good news for techies that few Banks have agreed to grant personal loan to pay the Traffic fine . “The personal loan will be burden on me and I want 200% increment in my salary. Even after 200% increment, my salary would be equal to fresher of a Mechanical engineer or other core companies’ engineer”, Sumit Mahajan, having 5yrs of experience in Wipro sitting on an indefinite strike, explained his frustration.

The CEOs of Software companies across India have called for an emergency meeting and they might announce some sops like, long term onsite chance or frequent Work from home to lure their employees.

“The word like ‘long term onsite‘ is like a fairy-tale for us. I had joined this organization 5 yrs ago and I got USA visa for two times. Both times it got expired without travelling to USA”, Sumit Mahajan is determined not get trap into his Manager’s luring tactics.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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