Sonia Gandhi files case against Narendra Modi for not using ‘Thanks to Nehru’ ‘Indira ji’ ‘Rajiv ji’ in his speeches


Sonia Gandhi gives angrily look to Modi

In the political battle field, Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi has filed a case against Narendra Modi in Election Commissioner office for not using words like ‘Thanks to Nehru’, ‘Indira ji’ and ‘Rajiv ji’.

“Every Indian must use these prestigious words in their speeches else it would be disgrace to our first Prime Minister of India. One has to start his speech with ‘Thanks to Nehru ji’ and end with ‘Thanks you Rajiv ji’ “, Ram Guha expressed his anger.

The Election Commissioner of India is still validating the case whether: Is it mandatory to these words in the speech.

“One should not forgot Nehru ji’s contribution towards building new India. His wisdom and management in solving the Kashmir issue, relationship with China for UN seat, Nehru Parks and also Nehru stadiums throughout India”, Sagarika Ghose expressed his fandom towards Nehru.

When asked Kashmir and China issues are still hanging around India, “You are too naive to ask such questions. Kashmir was peaceful till 2014 and China never troubled us. But it is during Modi’s govt. that all Nehru’s good work is getting worse”, she replied furiously.

BJP is yet to react on this recent development. “We are surely ‘Thanks to Nehru’ for giving us Rahul Gandhi, without him we might had not cross 272 seats alone”, Amit Shah finally agreed to say ‘Thanks to Nehru’.

Disclaimer: This article is of sheer stupidity. This is piece of satire.

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