Supporters of Imran Khan request Sunny Deol to rescue Imran Khan from the Jail like he rescued his son from Pak Jail.



A bizarre incident happened in Pakistan where Imran Khan’s supporters requested Sunny Deol to free Imran Khan from Jail in the same way he freed his son from the Pakistani prison in the Gadar 2 movie. “This is a shameful act by Kaptaan’s supporters, and they should not ask any help from our enemy neighbour, and this is considered disrespect for our own country”, Pak Former Cricket Captain Shahid Afridi shouted angrily in the Press Conference.

“Afirdi is an ignorant man, and the player who never won a single match in the ICC World Cup against India is giving unnecessary advice to us. He is just another comedian in our country. Only Sunny Deol can help to free our Kaptaan from jail,”, an ardent fan of Imran Khan replied to Afirdi.

Meanwhile, the Gadar 2 movie has been banned in Pakistan much like Gadar 1 in 2001, but it didn’t have any impact on Imran Khan’s fans, who already knew the story of Gadar 2 and they are hopeful that Sunny Deol will accept their request to free their Kaptaan. Our team tried to reach Anil Sharma, Director of Gadar legacy, and Actor Sunny Deol for their views on the request from the neighbour’s country, but they refused to comment on it.

Asaduddin Owaisi, a member of Parliament, also wants to ban the Gadar 2 movie in India so that both countries could avoid such a kind of diplomacy to maintain secularism in India. Our sources have revealed that Anil Sharma is planning for Gadar 3 in which Arnab Goswami will play the lead actor and Owaisi will play the role of Ashraf Ali’s son.

Disclaimer: This article is utterly stupid and ridiculous. This is a humorous and satirical piece.

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