There is no Modi wave as BJP fails to win 400 seats in Lok Sabha election, says Mahagathbandhan


Mahagathbandhan showing their wave

The election result of Lok Sabha 2019 has given clear majority to BJP but opposition parties and Mahagathbandhan are still not accepting that there is a Modi’s wave across India.

“It is clearly visible that there is no Modi wave because BJP unable to win 400 seats on his own. If PM Modi wins 400+ seats, I would have joined BJP”, Gullu Goyal from Mahagathbandhan rejected Modi’s wave.

But liberals are still giving moral victory to congress and according to their analysis if Modi wins all 542 seats then only they will accept Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister.

When asked why there is no Modi wave despite winning 300+ seats, “Lok Sabha elections is not the parameter to Judge PM Modi’s performance. If he wins USA election and win hearts of Muslim community then only we can say there is Modi wave”, Digvijay Singh replied.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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