US liberals didn’t ask for video proof of drone strike on Soleimani, Indian liberals unhappy


Indian Liberals are unhappy with Americans

New Delhi/India: After killing Iran’s military head, Qasem Soleimani, the American President seems happy with USA army’s action and also with American liberals as none ask for video proof of drone strike.

“I will never go to USA because we are very angry with American liberals. Even though, next year I will get my green card but I won’t visit that country again”, Rana Ayyub Khan furiously said to StupidNews.

When asked why you are angry with American liberals, “Your website name and your questions look same. When Balakot strike happened we asked PM Modi for video proof. And same we are expecting from American liberals but they have let us down”, Khan angrily replied.

Congress and AAP have planned to sit on dharna outside US embassies across India, on the behalf of American liberals, to ask for video proof of drone strike on Soleimani.

Reports are coming that Indian liberals from Delhi and Mumbai have rejected their US Visas and Green cards in the protest against Donald Trump of not giving video proof of drone strike.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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