Voters of India are ready to vote for Rahul Gandhi if he can find Wayanad on World map

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi tries to woo Indian voters with his knowledge

After the announcement of Rahul Gandhi’s second seat, which is Wayanad, for Lok Sabha election 2019, rumors are spreading that voters across India are ready to make him Prime Minister if he can find Wayanad on World map.

“Rahul Gandhi is very cute guy and we are hoping that our future prime minister should have sound knowledge about the geographical locations of India along with the knowledge of Finance, Defence and other social issues”, The first time voter said to StupidNews.

“Rahul Gandhi always goofed up the figures of Rafale deal and also NYAY scheme, so chances are high that he will goofed up in finding Wayanad on World map”, A voter from Delhi explained Rahul Gandhi’s intelligence.

Digvijay Singh is very confident that Rahul Gandhi can pass any test with his intelligence and several tuitions have been arranged for him to make sure that he will pass out the test with flying colors.

“Rahul baba can do wonders with these tuition classes. If he cannot find Wayanad on world map, we will request voters at least give him chance to find Wayanad on India’s map”, Digvijay Singh expressed his confident that Rahul will pass any test.

“We are happy that voters have asked to test Rahul ji’s knowledge only in geography. If they had asked him to tell them about Vishveshwarya and NCC, it would have been second straight term for Modi ji”, Digvijay Singh relieved that voters are going to test Rahul’s knowledge in known areas only.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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