Voters of Mumbai and Bangalore will be awarded with Bharat Ratan for maintaining the record of low voting

Low Voting

Low Voting in Mumbai and Bangalore

The hard work of voters of Mumbai and Bangalore has been finally recognized by the Election Commissioner and President of India and they have decided to confer a Bharat Ratan for their extra-ordinary record of maintaining low voting in Lok Sabha elections.

“It is always difficult to go for vote when ‘Game Of Thrones’, ‘Avengers End Game’, Amazon Prime and Netflix etc. available at home. Those who had came out of their apartments to leave these important online series just to caste their votes and that too without their cell phones is called real sacrifice and most of Mumbai-kars unable to achieve it”, Gullu Gaitonde from South Bombay Mumbai explained how difficult it is to vote when other important things have already lined-up.

“My pooling booth station was just 1.5 KM away from my residence but to reach there it will take almost 1 hr, thanks to Bangalore traffic and in that 1 hr, I can do Gym and complete one Novel also. If you look other Bangaloreans they can’t do such things to waste their 1 hr. Seriously those who had casted their vote deserve such accolades from Indian Govt.”, Rakesh Rao from Bangalore explained the importance of time.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal has approached Election Commissioner of India to declare separate statehood for those cities who had recorded above 65% of voting. But Omar Abdullah is not happy and sources have confirmed to StupidNews that he is going to demand separate Prime Minister for these special voters instead of separate statehood.

Disclaimer: This article of sheer stupidity. This is piece of humor and Satire.

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